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Allow me to be the first to say that these are delicious! Excellent tasty yum yums for a birthday present.


Those look delectable! :)


i admire your shortbread. it looks good. shortbread is one of those things that never works out for me no matter how hard i try. maybe it's a curse? not sure. but i will valiantly try this recipe though cause it looks great! mmm...

Carol Emma

Oh, I would love some of these right now!


Holy moly those look yummy!!


my rear is expanding just looking at this magical combination. your friends and family are some lucky peeps :) will definitely give this one a go.

My Life Under the Bus

These look yum ! I may try these to mail to my dad who lives half a world away in California - they look like they would ship well !


Those look sooo yummy!


Chocolate? Coffee? Shortbread? Oh my. The packaging is gorgeous, too. Such lucky recipients.


LooK so tasty!!!


these look and sound so amazing!


Those look so good!!!!!! Coffee and chocolate!!!!


Two of my favorite things! I will have to try it out. Thanks!


As one of the lucky recipients, I feel both ridiculously lucky, and slightly famous (?) Love you bebe <3


How big is the butter stick? Is it 4oz (113g)


Do I put the ziplock in the freezer or fridge?


Tammie: 1/2 cup or 4 ounces in one stick of butter

And you can stick the ziplock bag in either the fridge or the freezer. In the freezer it will be ready to cut in about 1/2 an hour

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