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Gorgeous! And it looks sooooo yummy! :)


I may have to cry myself to sleep now.
It's too late to go the store for chocolate pie ingredients.
As ever Seddy, a true work of art!


This looks great! I love how cocoa powder gives a rich, concentrated chocolate flavor without the extra sugar in chocolate chips or baker's chocolate. Smitten Kitchen's cocoa brownies are one of my favorites too.


LOVE the icing!! There is no way I could do that - will have to stick with whipped cream :)


Holy cow that looks amazing lol. I love the icing!


i want to make this pie so bad now!! oh and your delicious deserts are such a tease!


oh yum! pudding pie is a family favorite. but this one would blow their minds! it just looks so rich and perfect. the hardest part in our house is letting the poor pie properly chill. someone always looses their will power. hee :)


I love this pie. We often make it for christmas dessert. I'm going to have to try to make the white chocolate design next time I make it, now. (I love Lucy! she's hillarious).


Wow! This pie looks AMAZING! I think I would rather have pie instead of cake for my next birthday now:) Adorable gift bag as well!


YUM! That pie looks incredible!


This is amazingly beautiful.


yum! this looks so good and the white chocolate is so pretty.

Katie Gates

Stopping by from the etsy blog thread. What an inviting, entertaining, and informative post!


My tummy is growling at the sight of your pie! Neat icing technique. And that sock monkey is super cute, too. :D


Looks delicious. Your icing lace is absolutely beautiful!!!

Emily (Pookie and Pierre)

Oh my... how beautiful is that design on top. Gorgeous. Never would have thought of that!


The pie is absolutely beautiful!!!!


Looks so beautiful and delicious!!! Oh girl, you make me feel so miserable with my very left hands for baking....
Truly amazing.


Beautiful !!!


umm, wow, that looks AMAZING!


That looks SO yummy! The second pic from the bottom really made me want go home NOW and try making one as well.


Just discovered your blog and it is now part of my daily blog roll. Great recipes and tutorials!

sam henderson

Very nice! I love the lacey white chocolate top. I will definitely use that idea somewhere. Love the blog!

r's adventures

wow... normally i'm a little hesitant to attempt something as fancy as a home-made pie but you're making me reconsider! looks delicious

I want a kid like you, where do I get one?


Love the chocolate lace.........


Oh wow. I am as far from Betty Crocker as you can get and *I* want to start making some of these!! Your work literally has me drooling :)


What a FABULOUS idea!!


Justin Bieber Supra Shoes're one of my favourite people too! Definitely one of the sweetest. This is a beautiful list you have here, lady! I can't wait to try that ice-cream!


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