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Oh my what a cute dog!! And those! You really did a great job with those? Why don't you sell them on Etsy?


I totally with you with your love for tea cups and still not buying them....
I wish I had more space here to have more! I see so many charming ones lately and have to hold myself (or maybe I should start breaking the old ones...)

Your cookies are awesome!! Not sure I can' do such amazing job with the icing! Super cool!!


I can't decide if that's cookie porn or vintage china porn.

I hope my comment doesn't startle the google bot (I hear it's sensitive to such words).


Awwww, that last photo is so CUTE.


I'm with you ... LOVE tea cups. And your's are adorable!

My Life Under the Bus

Those elephants are adorable !!!.....but the dog - such sincerity in those eyes - LOL !!!


oh my goodness! I collect vintage tea cups, mostly just pretty ones that I've found from thrift stores and flea markets, and I have a serious love for all things tea cup related.

and now I totally need to make these awesome cookies!


these are almost too precious to eat! i've had to part with some beloved tea cups myself. but i think it makes me appreciate the ones i kept more :) thanks for the recipe too, can't wait to give it a spin.


Wow! Those cookies are super impressive! Especially for a fellow tea obsessive. I sadly had to give away most of my teacup collection when I moved to Spain... but maybe some cookies will make up for that! :)


Your cookies are gorgeous! much too nice to bite into! I love teacups too and am lucky enough to have inherited quite a few from my grandmother. actually, the second one you show with the big roses is in my collection!
thanks for stopping by my blog today! : )


These are SO cute! great idea!


The second picture is of a really lovely teacup. Its vintage but quite contemporary at the same time.


Oh my god there is too much CUTE in this post! The cookies look yummy and I want to snuggle with your doggie.

Alex Erynn

I love teacups. I have a couple my grandma gave me. I love your cookies, they're so original.


UrbanKnit : I know! That cup is still at the thrift store right now.. a set of them actually for about 9 dollars. They are really tempting...

My Kitchen in the Rockies

Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
I am amazed about your cookie art. This is unbelievable. I love your favorite tree.
You should meet my sister in law. She collects old and beautiful tea cups (and egg cups).


Love the teacup cookies! How cute!
Thank you for entering my giveaway! I wanted to let you know that you WON! I wanted to get in touch with you but you forgot to leave your contact info... Please email me or leave your email address on my blog. Congrats!

cabin + cub

Very cute! I love vintage teacups.. I have a few mis-matched ones that have candles in them. ;)

Megan (Best of Fates)

Things in this post that are beyond adorable:
1) The cookies
2) The first tea cup - would kill to own that!
3) The elephant set
4) Your dog!


Those are so cute! And so is your puppy :D

Michelle Clement

Oh my - so cute! :) I hopped over from Kara's and was so excited to see that you're from Vancouver, too! I love love your cookies - and that Panda tea set is beyond cuteness! :)


Those cookies are adorable, and they look so good, too! I also love your drawings- they're perfect!


Oh, they are beautiful! Way to pretty to eat! And that dog is the cutest, the look of concentration on his face is adorable :)


My goodness! These are the BEST looking cookies I've seen in my life, I'd wanna hang them on my wall or something! :) You are such a talent!

P.S. I'm glad you commented on my blog so I found yours, will be looking forward to your future posts!


I love this idea, you are so creative.


How many cookies does this recipe make? Thanks!


Hey Stephanie! Can you post the royal icing recipe you used with these? Absolutely gorgeous as usual. I would love to have just a bit of your artistic flair.


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