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Account Deleted

These look oh so yummy!

Those look sooo good! I love crumbly-streusel type toppings. And the recipe sounds pretty easy. I'm going to try!


Muffins are big in this house! You can hide all sorts of things like flax seed and oatmeal in there and no one is any wiser. These look great!

Oooh, love farmer's market honey :-)

Great pics and blog!

Agree much with Papercuts and Coffeehuts about farmers market honey -- infinitely more amazing than store-bought. I love its use in these delicious-looking muffins.



Thomas Shaw

Yes must try these, which means the wife will be busy later.

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What a fantastic idea!!

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mmmm, this is a GREAT idea!


I think you're wrong. I'm sure. I can prove it.

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