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I really enjoy the fact that half the loaf is already missing. I also have the desire to use one as a pillow and have it all to myself - it looks smashing.


Beautiful bread! I'm going to have to try this recipe. Thanks for your kind comments about my crostata.


I'm trying this! I've been meaning to make sandwich bread and not just bagels all the time. Looks delicious. ps. I've never bought buttermilk (mostly due to laziness), I just let regular milk sit with a tablespoon or two of vinegar for a few minutes.


wow, your bread looks amazing. i too, love a real, written out recipe. this post contains so many great tricks and tips - i've never made bread from scratch (um, the bread maker doesn't count, right?), and i ALMOST feel like with this post that maybe i could do it. thanks for all the info!!!


I really should NOT look at your blog when I am hungry...
I can just about taste this bread it looks so good!


Beautiful loaf. And it must taste wonderful. I really want to try, but as you said, the dough is very sticky, do you think if it is possible to knead it by hands? I don't have either kitchen aid or bread maker, but can't resist the idea of baking this loaf.


Without a mixer this dough is difficult to work with, but if you still want to make it I recommend greasing your hands with oil or butter and doing the kneading in a large bowl instead of on a counter. To get the dough off the sides of the bowl keep a spatula and a bowl of water close by and dip the spatula in water and use it to scrape down the sides of the bowl before continuing to knead

Account Deleted

This is baking in the oven right now. I added 2 cups extra flour (did not listen to your advice, maybe next time I will be wiser) and replaced one cup all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour. Since the whole wheat flour we get here is low-gluten, added a tsp of bread improver. I liked the recipe a lot. It rose well. I think this would do fine even without the improver. It's smelling good too. Will post it and link to your recipe

Alyssa N.

When in this process can you freeze one of the loaves? how do you freeze it (what do you put it in) and how long does it keep in the freezer? I am new to bread making, only tried it once before but you have convinced me to try again!


Alyssa N: You can freeze the baked loaf, but be sure to let it cool completely. You can buy freezer bags that don't have that zipper thing at the top, you just close them with a twist tie like store bought bread. Then you wrap that in tinfoil to help it stay fresh longer. It should be good for a few months

I don't really freeze bread dough (doesn't mean that you can,t I just don't). Buns and pizza dough are a bit different because you can freeze them easily after the last rise so it doesn't matter if the yeast doesn't want to activate again after coming out of the freezer. But regular sized loaves might be a bit trickier to freeze and then get them to do their last rise


This is a follow-up to Alyssa's question about freezing: here is a great article from the NYTimes about freezing unbaked dough
- let it go through all the risings, then freeze, defrost overnight before baking.

I have my own question too for CL - have you ever restricted these lovely free-form loaves to pans? I like a more square shaped loaf for making sandwiches. What do you think?


Allison: Thanks for the link!

I've been baking this bread in loaf pans a lot recently because its easier to slice and then freeze. I use two loaf pans and then let the bread rise until it domes a few inches above the pan.

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J'ai été le chauffage de ce pain dans une poêle morceau une partie seulement du fait de sa plus simple de couper et après cet arrêt. . J'ai préféré la formule d'une partie. Il a grimpé bien. Je pense que cela pourrait faire amende, même sans l'améliorant. C'est l'inhalation de très bien aussi.


I just made this bread, without a mixer or bread machine, and figured I would post confirming that it can indeed be done, since it seems to have come up before.

To make it a little easier to work by hand and because a single loaf of bread is usually more than plenty around here, I halved the recipe - I imagine working with twice as much as I did would actually be kind of a pain, so I recommend the single loaf adjustment for anyone thinking of doing it this way. The dough was sticky, but it held together well enough so it wasn't much harder to hand knead than most I've tried.

I used the max recommended flour (the 1 3/4 cup measurement rather than 1 1/2), but didn't add any more after that. I also used all white flour (was out of whole wheat so I just made do with what was on hand), but I doubt that made a big difference in the kneading. I haven't cut into it yet, trying to be good even though it smells overwhelmingly amazing, but all seems well.

The forming of the loaf is very satisfying. So simple, but it makes a nice neat loaf. I love that.

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Beautiful bread gonna try this soon


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Willard Doxey

I made 24 rolls out of this dough and I must say it was some of the best homemade bread I have ever made. Amazing recipe. Thank you for providing me an instant favorite!

Stacy Gordon

i have rising right now, i have a good feeling about it. thanks for sharing!

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