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Looks absolutely incredible! I wish I had smellevision. If someone showed up on my doorstep with one of these babies, we'd be friends for life.

Lesley Sico

it looks soooooo good! now i have a craving for some delicious freshly baked bread...


This looks so yummy!!


Cate Holst

Wow, this looks so delicious! I think I may have to make a loaf! Cate


Good Grief - It's like bread porn!

wow, amazing. i admire your time devoted to the cause. i've never made bread, i think i'm too impatient to wait for things to rise. haha
looking forward to seeing how brioche is made, if that helps convince you to do that next ;)


Bread is on my to-do list and this might be a good one for a newbie like me to attempt - your photos make it seem doable and not scary!


When you're baking breads, when you're having them rise in the fridge during a portion of the time, it's unnecessary to reduce the amount of yeast being used. Due to the colder temperature, the yeast won't work as much as it will in a warmer temperature. (Their ideal is 70F-110F) They're alive, and like you, not wanting to do as much work when they're cold, and will do more easily while they're warm. Too warm though kills them, which is why one waits for the bread to rise before putting it into the oven.

Love the demo none-the-less, and is planning to make some challah in the near future.


wow this bread looks so good. you are amazing .

Amy Walker


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