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Cate Holst

Wow!! I'm so wanting some of this right now! Yum


Sweet! This was all over pinterest for a few days and it kept reminding me. I have no idea that's how you made it "pull apart".

I am absolutely making this for brunch before a vintage show in a few weeks! WANT.

Oh wow! I love the way the layers have curled and folded. :D


Thank you for posting!!! Can't wait to make this as a Valentines brunch treat for the family... :)


Oh I just want to curl up in those lemony layers and never come out! It is reminding me of a lemon cinnamon bun if that makes any sense!
I ment to tell you we did make those marshmallows and they weren't around long enough to even take a picture!
As far as Lola yes I am hoping to distress her this weekend - as if she hasn't been thru enough! LOL.


Oh my goodness, this has to be straight from heaven. I LOVE lemon anything, and to make it a gooey rich bread cake...can I say cheat meal for the week!!


WOW this looks beyond amazing. I am a fan of lemon everything.


Oh my WORD. This looks AMAZING! I am *definitely* going to have to brave the world of rising bread to make this! NOMS!!!!


Looks amazing. I tried it on the weekend and the dough was SO sticky - I couldn't roll it out! I ended up leaving it in one piece, adding butter/lemon sugar on one side and then rollling it up. It still tasted good. I will try again and maybe add a bit more flour.


YUM! What a great recipe. I'd have trouble sharing that with anyone.


I am all over this!


This looks so delicious, I can't wait to try it. That you so much for such detailed directions.

Cheers - Elizabeth

Mama B

I have a wedding shower to attend this weekend. I may bring this bread. Thanks for sharing!

Justin Cartlidge

I'm thinking of taking a stab at making this for my wife, but she does not like cream cheese. I'm no cook or baker, so what could I substitute for the cream cheese frosting? Thanks.


Justin: You can make a glaze by mixing a few tablespoons of lemon juice with powdered sugar until it is a consistency that you can drizzle over the warm cake. I'd google 'lemon glaze" to get the ratio of juice to powder if you are un-sure. Good luck!

Jen Graham

Yes, yes, and again I say yes. I will so be making this soon!

Cronwed Mediocre

god damn! this looks delish!


Recipe came out amazing. I madevon per the recipe and one with apricots & sea salt!

Valérie ILC

I tried this today but I had a problem : the dough was way too sticky so I added some flour but after I baked it I couldn't seperate the slices... Do you have any idea where the problem comes from ?


Valerie: The problem with the bread not pulling apart could be from several things:
-not enough butter brushed on the slices
-over baking the bread
-using a pan that is too small for the bread


Possibly the best cake I ever made! Everyone loved it!
Superb :)


This looks delicious! I'm trying it this week.

Allie @ inonekitchen

I made this a while back and put it on my blog - it is seriously HEAVENLY. Thanks!

Gail Morrison

looks delicious


I am unsure about the total amount of flour required in this recipe - in the list calls for 2-3/4 cups and in directions calls for 2 cups to be added initially - then it says to add the 1/2 of the flour in the end - does that mean 1/2 of the 3/4 cups remaining.


I made this bread the other night and left it in the fridge. Just pulled the loaf from the oven 20 minutes ago and it's AMAZING , by far one of the best loaf style bread recipes and super easy to make. I did icing on one half and left half of it without icing for my hubby. Whether you chose to put icing on or not this bread is simply delicious . Thanks for posting :)

Mary Margaret Embroli

Oh my! Too beautiful for words.

herve leger

i want to eat so good.oh my god


I've made this recipe several times (it became a favorite after loaf #1 !) and I am pretty confident the 1/2 you are referring to is actually a 1/2 cup. That is the measurement I use and while I sometimes need an extra tablespoon or two of flour to keep the dough from being too sticky, I also live in a fairly humid area and find most bread recipes I make require that anyway.


I MUST have this pull apart lemon bread yesterday


Wow, my daughter just made this for me for mother's day! It is SO good. It looks, and tastes delicious.


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mik giambra

I am going to have to make this for my husband once I come off my "diet" lol :-) He loves LEMON anything!


This was easier to make than I thought it was going to be and the family L O V E D it. It was half gone the first night. Thank you!


I made this last week, in fact I made two and both loaves were devoured the same day! I didn't have a stand mixer and so used a hand mixer with a dough hook ...killed it as the dough so so sticky!

Ill be making it again as soon as I buy a mixer!


O My Gosh, I literally got goose bumps and had to cover my mouth *gasp* as I was reading the description and looking that the pictures. LOL. Thank you for posting. Your brunches sound amazing. Wish I was on your invite list! I'm going to "pin" this for sure and my lemon tree is going to become my new best friend!

Jana Salesman-Timchak

This was wicked! Loved it!

cooking rookie



I tried 5 timed to copy this recipe! I fought for this bread because it sounds so good.


My friend has a shar pei, I'm going to make this delicious bread for him. Can you see the similarity?


Karen: That is the best comparison ever!

Evelyn Wangari

Beautiful! Looks yummy.

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